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About Fiona's Red Kite

Fiona's Red Kite is an independent scientific consultancy delivering services in weather, climate change, science communication, research data management and professional membership models. We provide analysis, advice, services and training to clients in academia, public sector, business and voluntary sector or to individuals. Fiona Hewer is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society with ten years experience of climate change and numerical modeling research and a further eight years in consultancy. She is a mathematics graduate with a master's degree in meteorology.

Why Red Kite?
Red kites (milvus milvus) soaring overhead are a magnificent sight from FRK HQ in Cookham, Berkshire, UK. They also represent an inspirational story of science as a recovery tool. Human activities eliminated red kites from England, but a successful re-introduction programme, based on a good scientific understanding of behaviour and habitat, has re-established a thriving population.
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Last updated:  2 June 2016